Buying things

Where to buy things?

1. Garage sale

Good for furniture, bikes and various items.

Check out in the garage sales section on Craigslist

If you just come to Columbia and have no car. Ask Vietnamese friends to help you. Do not be afraid 🙂
What if you can not bring the item home and no one can help you?

+ Negotiate with the seller to deliver the item for you. Yes, they can do that, maybe for free.
+ Contact the local church to help you. Yes, they can help you for free. Here is one:

Estate and Garage sales:  a small business in town that runs good garage sales
You can sign up to receive news of upcoming sales.

2. Mizzou surplus
University’s clearance items. Good price. Cost time though. Sign up to receive news.

3. Donation from local church

Local church sometimes gives away free furniture and other items as part of their good will. Yes, you can ask for that. But never sell donated items. If you no longer need donated items, give to somebody else.

4. Good will and Thrift store

 OK price, quality so-so. Garage sales is better @ 1405 Grindstone Parkway
5. Shopping Mall

Columbia Shopping Mall. Many stores. Just walk around. @Stadium Blvd.
Nifong Shopping Mall on Nifong. Kohl’s is located there. Goodwill is close by.

5. Online shopping to buy eye-glasses

6. Downtown shopping

Just walk around. Some used clothes or consignment shops is not expensive for good quality.


About Nguyễn Minh Hiển
My name is Nguyễn Minh Hiển. At the moment, I am doing my MBA at the University of Missouri at Columbia, USA. In the past, I worked as an electrical engineer and received my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy working with young people and helping empower the Vietnamese youth by developing (co-founder, author) and (author, admin, mentor). Out of the love for traveling, I develop An nho O Dau (cofounder), a Vietnamese worldwide couchsurfing network for Vietnamese students to travel on budget at I enjoy hiking, swimming, doing yoga and traveling. I also study the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other great people down the history.

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