Learning English and communication skills


Note: the pronoun “you” in this article refers to only one person “me”  🙂

Learning English and be exposed to the American communities is very important for your study-abroad experience. They would open doors to so many academic and professional opportunities later in your career.

Time is flying and your days is counting!

If your English is not good, it’s hard to make American friends and engage in the American/international communities. It’s hard even to show that you are participating in the lecture/meeting/discussion by just listening passively. It’s  hard for “them” to perceive that you are an intellectual!

The English in classroom is not enough. In classroom, you mostly listen to the lecture and out of class, people go away. That’s not enough speaking. To have adequate speaking, you need to talk with others – your classmate, your friends and other people that you know. That sometimes means that you need to get away from the comfort of your Vietnamese friends 😦

How to talk to people? Get to know them. How to know people? Make friends with them. How to do that? Get involved in American communities?

OK, so what’s the barrier?

Nobody care about you? You don’t like them? They are so different? Of course they are, welcome to America. Be open-minded and that’s how you can learn and grow. Cast off your old self and embrace the new life   🙂


About Nguyễn Minh Hiển
My name is Nguyễn Minh Hiển. At the moment, I am doing my MBA at the University of Missouri at Columbia, USA. In the past, I worked as an electrical engineer and received my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy working with young people and helping empower the Vietnamese youth by developing Dotchuoinon.com (co-founder, author) and Usguide.org.vn (author, admin, mentor). Out of the love for traveling, I develop An nho O Dau (cofounder), a Vietnamese worldwide couchsurfing network for Vietnamese students to travel on budget at sinhvienusa.org/anod. I enjoy hiking, swimming, doing yoga and traveling. I also study the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other great people down the history.

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