Toastmasters program

by Hien Nguyen

Today I dropped by the Toastmaster meeting at the United Methodist Church for few minutes as I was walking along Ninth street. Thinking it’s a good learning activity, I want to introduce the program to you.

What is the Toastmaster program?

It is basically a public speaking club where members help one another to be more effective at public speaking.

But it’s more than just public speaking. Public speaking is just the form. The content of the meeting is diverse, ranging from personal stories, business experience to culture and leadership lesson… It’s a place where people learn from and entertain one another. Of course, there’s some networking going on. 🙂

I personally find the program quite useful to have more confidence and understanding of American things, when I attended the Burlington Toastmaster program in Burlington, Vermont back in 2007. Here is my icebreaker speech: The joy of biking.

OK, so how about giving it a try?

Check it out at:

Downtown Toastmaster Club

Mizzou Toastmaster Club
Google search




About Nguyễn Minh Hiển
My name is Nguyễn Minh Hiển. At the moment, I am doing my MBA at the University of Missouri at Columbia, USA. In the past, I worked as an electrical engineer and received my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy working with young people and helping empower the Vietnamese youth by developing (co-founder, author) and (author, admin, mentor). Out of the love for traveling, I develop An nho O Dau (cofounder), a Vietnamese worldwide couchsurfing network for Vietnamese students to travel on budget at I enjoy hiking, swimming, doing yoga and traveling. I also study the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other great people down the history.

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