TV, Radio and live performances streaming

Some resources:

1. Internet Radios
Live classical radio in Europe

2. Live streaming from theaters:
Kennedy Center in Washington DC
Met opera offers live video-on-demand streaming of performances (available for 60 days after the initial broadcast)

Indiana School of Music

Miami school of Music

Vienna streaming platform

3. My picks



Classical Music TV on Youtube

Nghe nhạc cổ điển từ đài New England
All classical music from Portland Oregon
Paris classical music
Venice classical radio
Radio Swiss classics

Classical guitar
Classics FM
PBS Video

A Prairie Home Companion

Dancing music
Radio Periko Tango
Interactiva AM 1290 (Argentine Tango)

Solo Piano

Solo Violin

Traditional music
Yiddish music (open by URL from WinMedia)

Spiritual music
Singing from IHOP

Soaking with a purpose


About Nguyễn Minh Hiển
My name is Nguyễn Minh Hiển. At the moment, I am doing my MBA at the University of Missouri at Columbia, USA. In the past, I worked as an electrical engineer and received my undergraduate and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy working with young people and helping empower the Vietnamese youth by developing (co-founder, author) and (author, admin, mentor). Out of the love for traveling, I develop An nho O Dau (cofounder), a Vietnamese worldwide couchsurfing network for Vietnamese students to travel on budget at I enjoy hiking, swimming, doing yoga and traveling. I also study the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other great people down the history.

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