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Lưu ý: vào website của LSQ Việt Nam để xem cụ thể hơn vì có thể họ tự động hóa bằng điện tử nhiều hơn khi trước.

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1. USA Visitor Visa – Sponsor Documents

The following documents need to be sent from the person who is sponsoring his/her relatives to visit the United States. Please send completed and legible documents. Wherever possible, send computer printed or typed documents to avoid any confusion. Also, please try to send the most current documents. Any documents like employment letter, pay stubs, bank letter etc. must be less than 12 months old.

  • I-134[1], Affidavit of Support FormYou will need to show that you can financially support your relatives while they are in the U.S. You need to fill a form called “Affidavit of Support form (I-134[1])” for that purpose. One form should be filled for each applicant. So, even though parents are applying together, you need to send two forms. Some consulates say that if you are applying for a family (such as parents, in-laws etc.), you have to submit only one I-134 and not for each person. But there is no harm in providing one for every one, instead of taking chances.
    Note: For those of you who are on H1, there is no option on the form to say that you are on H1. So just write in one of the options on the form that you are on H1.

    Notary: You no longer need to get it notarized.

    Download Fillable I-134[1]
    Sample I-134 and instructions[2]

  • Statement from your employer (1 original for each applicant) on business stationary, showing:
    • Date and nature of employment
    • Salary paid
    • Whether position is temporary or permanent

    Sample employment letter[3]

  • Letter from your Bank (1 original for each applicant) on their business stationary, giving the following details:
    • Date account opened
    • Total amount deposited for the past year
    • Present balance
    • Average balance last year

    Also send copies of a few recent bank statements. It should have a good balance at least for the last 6 months. Do not deposit money into your bank account the day before to show a big balance, only to withdraw the next day. You really should have money to show your financial strength to be able to support the people you are sponsoring. While there is no specific guideline how much money you should have in the bank, it should be enough to take care of all their expenses. Something like $5,000/person should be good enough.

    It’s OK for the letter to be addressed to “To Whom It May Concern”.

    Some banks may take a long time to provide such a letter. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare well in advance.

  • Letter from yourself stating that you will take care of their expenses in the USA. This letter should be addressed to the US consulate your relatives will be visiting.
    Sample letter to consulate[4]
  • A personal letter of invitation (free format, but formal; explain here how you will be able to accommodate them in you house and take them around for tourist purposes).
    One letter should be enough for both mother and father. If your relatives don’t understand English, it may be helpful to send the translation of the letter in your native language because the consular officer may question that your parents might have never read the letter.
    Sample invitation letter[5]
  • Copies of recent pay stubs. 3 or 4 should be enough.
  • Copy of last 3 years of income tax returns and W2s. If you don’t have them, you can request the transcripts from the IRS[6]using a Form 4506. Don’t include state income tax returns.If you did not file a tax return, a written explanation explaining why you had no legal duty to file the return. If you filed a late or amended tax return, you should submit evidence of this.

    If you are self-employed, include self-employment schedules filed with income tax returns or financial records such as a bank statement for the business accounts.

  • If you are Indian citizen:
    1. Your Original birth certificate[7]. (This requirement earlier existed only for the U.S. consulate in Mumbai, but effective Oct 1, 2005, it has been extended for entire India.) If you are sponsoring your in-laws, your spouse’s original birth certificate[7] is required instead.
    2. Photocopy of all pages (including blank pages) of your passport. If the visa is in your old passport, then a photocopy of all pages of the old and new passport is required.
    3. Also:
      1. If you are on H1 or L1, copy of latest H1/L1 visa approval notice[8] (I-797 Notice of Action).
        If you are at adjustment of status (I-485 stage), send copies of I-485 receipt[9]EAD card[10] and Advance Parole[11]. These may not be required, but it does not hurt to send them.
      2. If your visa has expired but has a renewed petition, photocopy of the renewed petition[12].
      3. If you are a legal permanent resident in the USA, provide proof of green card[13].
  • If you are a US citizen, provide proof of US citizenship[14].
  • If you are sponsoring your spouse’s relatives (such as in-laws), photocopies of all pages (including blank pages) of your spouse’s passport and your marriage certificate[15].
  • If the parents have more than one child in the US, send the proof of legal status of all children, in addition to all of the documents described above from the sponsor child.

Sponsors should send supporting documentation directly to the applicant, who can share it with the visa section during the interview. Do not send them to the US embassy/consulate/VFS. Having a sponsor or offer to guarantee a person’s return to their home country does not guarantee issuance of visa. US immigration law makes no provisions for offers of guarantee or the like. The burden of proof is on the applicant.

2. Người nhà ở Việt Nam

Nói chung có sổ đỏ mang đi để chứng nhận có nhà cửa hay tài sản gì là xong. Có thể mang theo một số thứ khác như ảnh sinh hoạt, bạn bè, ủng hộ của người thân để cho thêm ràng buộc xã hội.

Nhưng thực tế cũng không cần thiết, vì bây giờ xin visa diện người nhà khá dễ dàng. Nhưng có vẫn hơn.

3. Visa Tips.

Ở đây là một bài viết công phu và cẩn thận của anh Đinh Công Bằng về chuyện xin visa cho người thân sang Mỹ thăm. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

Visa tips

Or Visa tips (backup link)

Chúc bạn mọi sự thuận lợi,



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